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Short version: Marzena Czarnecka is a freelance business, legal affairs, and creative strategy writer. Her work can be viewed at and

Long version: Marzena Czarnecka is a Canadian writer, with deep expertise in energy, strategy, and law. Nominated and short-listed for every business writing award of note in Canada, she’s written on law, business, energy issues, education, the culture of Corporate Canada, and management, leadership and economic trends for Canadian Business, The Globe and Mail’s Law Page and Report on Business, The National Post’s The Financial Post and The Legal Post, Enterprise, Avenue, Alberta Venture, Alberta Oil, Profit, WestWorld, various Thomson Reuters’ publications, as well as select corporate clients.

Her flagship op/ed pieces include the monthly columns Strategy Session (Alberta Venture), Last Word (Lexpert) and Legal Eagles (Alberta Venture), and are indexed at

Want to get personal? A working-writing-and-homeschooling mother of three young children, she also writes about her (mis)adventures in parenting and working to meet deadlines and clients’ milestones among the demands of sleepless babies, puking toddlers, and angsting pre-teens at

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For more literary types: I’m a Canadian writer who’s been nominated and short-listed for every business writing award of note in Canada. In an earlier, less solvent incarnation, I’ve had several short stories published, including “Russian Sailors” in The Fiddlehead, one of Canada’s oldest literary magazines, and “Tristan and Isolde: Not a Love Story”―nominated for the Pushcart Prize―in New York’s Shades of December. I’ve  recently returned to writing fiction, and have had four novels and an assortment of shorter pieces published under another name; I’m currently developing my sixth novel and anxiously awaiting the decision of the publishing house on the fate of the fifth one.

Born in Poland and raised on three different contents, I now live in Calgary, Alberta. I write nationally. Career highlights include having my photograph used for dart practice by the CEO of a certain major airline, being toured around his desk (not office—weird story) by former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney, receiving a personal thank you from the office of the United Nations’ Secretary-General for Business and Human Rights for my corporate social responsibility reporting, and learning that the new Canadian ambassador to the US was briefed on the US-Canada softwood lumber dispute by getting copies of my feature slipped into his dossier.

My business writing portfolio includes hundreds of pieces published in Canadian Business, The Globe and Mail, Report on Business, The National Post, The Legal Post, Enterprise, Avenue, Alberta Venture, Alberta Oil, Profit,WestWorld, Thomson Reuters’ Lexpert and spin-offs, and other specialty publications; the more significant of these pieces, including my flagship columns The Last Word, Legal Eagles, and Strategy Session, are indexed at

I blog as “Jane” at, my creative non-fiction/social media experiment playground, where I hit a viral post about once a month.