Strategy Session

Strategy Session, which debuted January 2013, is my new Alberta Venture column that focuses on management topic of interest to senior executives in mid-sized businesses.

Written, you know, with attitude.

If you think you’d make a great source for one of the “in queue” pieces, or have a topic suggestion, I’d love to hear from you.

In the queue:

Succession planning with imagination (July 2015)

Want to mine the archives to see what Strategy Session reads like? But of course:


Through Rose-Coloured Oculus Rift Glasses (June 2015)

Is your CEO A TFW? (May 2015)

Old school marketing in a Twitter world (April 2015)

Leveraging flex work during a downturn (March 2015)

Time to panic: 10 Best Practices For Navigating Through a Crisis (February 2015)

Networking for introverts, misanthropes and over awesome people who just don’t want to work the room (January 2015)

Time to Panic: 10 best practices for navigating through a crisis (February 2015)


Happy, healthy productive you: how to take care of yourself and make it pay (January 2014)

Five principles for managing a public relations disaster (February 2014)

The CEO has a uterus–wait, he doesn’t. The challenges of women leaders in the oil patch (March 2014)

Sweating the Big Stuff (April 2014)

Motivating a 21st century workforce (May 2014)

Star Search: five steps to skilling up your employees (June 2014)

Want a tech-savvy workforce? (July 2014)

The art and science of the business plan (August 2014)

Profile This: how to build a great team (September 2014)

The Remote Future: managing a remote workforce (October 2014)

Be A Quitter: sure, it’s against your nature, but quitting might be the right thing to do (November 2014)

Talking Across the Generations/Talking ’bout your generation (December 2014)



Managing Information Overload (January 2013)

Why Half of All Mergers Destroy Value (and what to do about it) (February 2013)

Managing Intergenerational Conflict--your office does not have to be a battleground (March 2013)

Your Company, the Next Generation: Management and leadership trends for developing your C-suite stars (April 2013)

A column on productivity you will actually enjoy reading–no really, that’s the official headline (May 2013)

Beyond Benetton: diversity is more than a pretty picture (June 2013)

Export Duties: you’re doing it all wrong. Here’s how to do it right (July 2013)

Let’s save a deal: an eight-step program hat will help you ensure your deal of a lifetime stays that way (August 2013)

Leader of the pack: getting your employees to innovate is not about them, it’s about you (September 2013)

Margin Of Safety: Don’t depend on luck the next time disaster strikes (November 2013)

An environmental policy that’s more than a PR tool (December 2013)

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