I do amazing things with words in front of a live audience.


Risk and responsibility: changing the conversation (keynote speech); Dynamic Risk Partners Conference 2015

Women in leadership: opportunities lost. And not because our bosses are misogynist pricks (panel speech); Government of Alberta’s Women in Leadership Conference 2014

Something different:

Why do we ever ask someone to tell us their story?

Link to FP video on Youtube: Tell Me Your Story: Interview Tips for Kids

Note: I fell into public speaking by accident and not design, and I have not kept a record–much less recordings–of my performances to date. I speak well on most of the things I write about. I’m especially passionate about reframing the risk/corporate social responsibility conversation and turning gender-diversity-generational workplace issues on their head.

(I also think Corporate Canada needs more poetry… but you’re not ready for that; we’ll talk about that in 2021.)

In the mean time–interested in having me speak at your conference, client function or team retreat? Excellent. Contact me here.