Duty to Accommodate: Searching for Clarity in a Transitioning Workplace (Lexpert, October 2007)

Selling out? Nope, buying in; Fears of idea drain fade as Quebec biotech turns to Big Pharma to keep it off critical list, National Post, 26 Sep 2007: FP9.

Which way to the exit?; Oilpatch Juniors And Deal Lawyers Face Challenge To Fill Income Trust Void, National Post, 05 Sep 2007: FP7.

Scramble for niche in mid-market squeeze; Law Firms Focus On Clients, Talent To Survive In Competitive Industry, National Post, 29 Aug 2007: FP7.

Court protects worker’s casual drug use; Will Workplace Safety Be Trumped By Human-Rights Law? National Post, 22 Aug 2007: FP9.

Cross-Border Insolvency Litigation: A Growing Labyrinth (Lexpert, July 2007)

Marketing by the book; The Proliferation Of Listings Has Law Firms Suffering Directory Fatigue, But Nobody’s Ready To Bow Out, National Post, 18 July 2007: FP8.

Oiling the Wheels of Finance: Calgary Energy Projects Push The Envelope, National Post, 11 July 2007: FP8.

The Greening of Energy Law (Lexpert, June 2007)

IP Key To Big Pharma’s Big Money; Biotech Funding; Intellectual property makes or breaks deals, National Post, 27 June 2007: FP6

It’s good to be a real estate lawyer in B.C., National Post, 13 June 2007: FP15.

Telecommunications: The Brave New World (Lexpert, May 2007)

Cross-border deals spice up practice, National Post, 30 May 2007: FP16.

Unsettled times in Montreal, National Post, 09 May 2007: FP17.

M&A: Pop stars of the bar, National Post, 02 May 2007: FP15.

Biotechnology: Achieving Critical Mass? (Lexpert, April 2007)

Law firms see silver linings in oilpatch clouds; Despite feeling betrayed by the federal government, Alberta firms see greenbacks in its green initiatives, National Post, 11 Apr 2007: FP10.

Dining on distress, National Post, 14 Mar 2007: FP16.

Calgary’s regulatory bar energized, National Post, 07 Mar 2007: FP16.

Alberta’s biotech advantage, National Post, 14 Feb 2007: FP16.

Tax law not for timid, National Post, 07 Feb 2007: FP6.

Quebec Inc. (Lexpert, February 2007)

Corporate governance ranks have thinned: Turf war between accountants and lawyers is over, National Post, 24 Jan 2007: FP15.

West Coast frenzy: Olympics-related P3s help fill coffers of B.C. legal firms, National Post, 03 Jan 2007: FP7.

The Top 10 Deals of 2006 (Lexpert, January 2007)

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