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Instagram: NothingByTheBook (if talking in pictures is enough)

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Old school: nothingbythebook at gmail.com (for when you want to write me a long story, or say something you don’t want the entire Internet to bear witness to)

In BriefBusiness writer. Writing and speaking on energy, strategy, law, and social justice. Also, on the existential angst inherent in all work, particularly in the professional-creative life. Always on edge, with edge.


Interested in: Changing the world. Or at least, your organization. Your life? Maybe, just the way you’re thinking, in this moment…


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I’m based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Happy to explore opportunities or possibilities–or just enjoy your stellar company and listen to your story–over a cup of coffee. Shall we say, Vendome, next Tuesday?


Note to corporate clients: I take on new corporate clients only by referral/personal recommendation. I do not participate in RFPs, and I do not negotiate on my rates. Thank you for respecting my time and my experience.

Note re portfolio currency: This portfolio is current as at 2015; after 2015, the bulk of my work has consisted of ghostwriting/corporate work and NDA projects, which are not included in this portfolio. I continue to include my favourite bylined pieces here, but the portfolio is no longer exhaustive.