Curtain rising on Enter A Inment law, National Post, 27 Dec 2006: FP8.

Forestry folks like litigating, National Post, 08 Nov 2006: FP18.

Alternative energy has mainstream deal potential, National Post, 01 Nov 2006: FP8.

The Reluctant Contestants (Lexpert, November 2006)

The Pensions Standoff (Lexpert, October 2006)

Restructuring post-Farley, National Post, 25 Oct 2006: FP9.

Shaken Trust (Alberta Venture, October 5, 2006) Excerpt with extras • Go straight to full text

Unheralded players step into the limelight, National Post, 18 Oct 2006: FP14.

Art of the Deal – Turning a Fight into a Friendly Takeover (Lexpert, September 2006)

Lateral Hires: The New Superstars? (Lexpert, July 2006)

Do The Right Thing: CSR (Lexpert, June 2006)

Follow the Leader: Can Centralization Work in Law Firms? (Lexpert, May 2006)

It’s Still a Cyclical Thing: The Oil Patch Rules of Engagement (Lexpert, April 2006)

Softwood Lumber: The War Without End? (Lexpert, February 2006)

The Top 10 Corporate Deals of 2005: Globalization…The Trend Continues (Lexpert, January 2006)

Legal post: Canadian, eh?: Lexpert’s top 10 deals of 2005 show Canadian M&A has gone global, National Post, 18 Jan 2006: FP7.

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