Pre-sabbatical, I produced between 5,000 and 10,000 words of business prose a month. The major pieces from my favourite platforms are assembled here, but you don’t want to go through them all, right? Here are 10 representative pieces, to give you a taste of what I write about and how.

If you’re only going to read three…

1. Cover Story: Brad Shaw exposed (September 2011, Alberta Venture)

2. Last Word: Hagrid for Prime Minister (July 2011, Lexpert)

3. Legal Eagles: Trust No One (October 2011, Alberta Venture)

If you’ve got time for two more:

4. Cover Story:  CSR Becomes Entrenched (February 2011, Lexpert).The piece that got me a thumbs up from the UN Special Representative on Business and Human Rights. Read me gloat about it here.

5. Last Word: C is for Calgary (December 2011, Lexpert)

You’re really into this, and want more:

6. Last Word: Obsessed With Sex (One in Two) (October 2004, Lexpert)

7. Feature: Tempest in a Pee Cup (July 2008, Alberta Venture)

8. Last Word: Waiting for the Funeral (July 2008, Lexpert)

9. Feature: House of Cards (April 2010, Avenue)

10. Cover Story: Top Ten Deals of 2011–The Year of Rocks (January 2012 Lexpert)

Looking for me?

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