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I… write.

Between 2000 and 2015, I worked almost exclusively as a highly specialized business writer, with a focus on  energy, renewable and not; law, particularly business of; and complex corporate sagas.

My signature is writing with edge and attitude about the most serious and complex of subjects. Except when I laugh at and skewer those who take themselves too seriously. You’ll find my byline in every leading business publication in Canada. And every once in a while, when you come across a piece of corporate writing that makes you really pay attention and raise your eyebrows… yeah, it might be mine.

Right now, I’m taking a full sabbatical from business writing while I work on my third novel* and explore other opportunities and passions. In particular, I’m focused on public speaking; I also offer tailored writing workshops (creative, & just more effective) for business people.

But you’re on this page because you’re all about the writing. Here ya’ go:

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* Third novel? Yeah! As of 2015, I have two novels and an assortment of short stories out under different names. Late at night, when nobody is looking, I write poetry.