Strategy Session: Making peace within a multi-generational workplace

Obama and Alberta Venture meet on Ken Bautista...

The March 2013 Strategy Session Alberta Venture, puts baby boomers in one corner, Gen X’ers in the other, adds Gen Y’s and traditionalists to the remaining two (it’s a square ring, boys and and girls) and let’s them fight it out. The result: Making peace within a multi-generational workplace, with the theme that inter-generational conflict doesn’t need to dominate your office atmosphere, and you can manage the battleground. Um, maybe.

Featuring the incredibly articulate:

Giselle Kovary, Managing Partner of n-gen People Performance Inc.

Dasa Chadwick, principal with Leverage Point Learning

Paula Goebel, corporate trainer and principal, Goebel Communications Group

The paragraph that says it all:

…the biggest clash comes about as a result of different attitudes towards work habits. You know what’s coming. You’ve done it yourself. If you’re a boomer or a Gen- Xer, you’ve probably complained about the work ethic of lazy young people. And if you’re a member of Gen-Y, you’ve inevitably rolled your eyes at the old dude who comes into the office on the weekend. Because he needs to use the stuff in his (insert another eye roll here) filing cabinet. Doesn’t he have an iPhone?

Full text at Alberta Venture.

Photo: Obama and Alberta Venture meet on Ken Bautista’s desk (Photo credit: Duncan Kinney)