Strategy Session: Why half of all mergers destroy shareholder value

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The February 2013 Strategy Session (Alberta Venture) is all about evaluating acquisition opportunities. Title: Why half of all mergers destroy shareholder value–and how you can ensure you’re in that other half.


David Sparrow, partner with the financial advisory and corporate finance groups at Deloitte in Edmonton

Brett Herman, president and CEO of TORC Oil & Gas Ltd., and

Trent Yanko, president and CEO of Legacy Oil & Gas Inc.

If you take away only one thing from it all:

“The idea is not to pay for it all,” [Trent] Yanko says. “We are looking for things that are accretive – augmentative – that make the company better and stronger. And if we can continue to build and generate cash flow while building more cash flow, it’s a win-win all around.”

Full text at Alberta Venture.