Breaking up is hard to do

Voltaire famously said that he was ruined twice, once when he lost a lawsuit, and then again when he won one. In the July 2011 Legal Eagles, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Alberta Venture), I write about how to end a business relationship without emulating Voltaire.

Featuring Donald Neeland Q.C., a corporate partner with the Edmonton office of Field Law LLP, and John Blair Q.C., a commercial and securities litigator with the Calgary office of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP.

Best quote from the column:

Well, it’s not like you’re trigger-happy and anxious to sue everyone in sight. But your business partner – former business partner, if you have anything to say about it – just pulled one stunt too many, and you’re done with her, it’s over, you want out, you want her out, you want every penny you put into the business back, and maybe a few of hers, to boot. You’ll get your pound of flesh.

Whoa. Refill your Zoloft prescription…

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