Insurance law: the devil is in the details

Insurance isn’t boring. It’s terrifying. Really, it’s all about playing the odds. I tell you all about it in Having the right insurance coverage will make claims simpler, the April 2012 Legal Eagles (Alberta Venture).

Featuring Kenneth Holmstrom, Q.C., from Edmonton’s Chomicki Baril Mah LLP and Megan McMahon, from the Calgary office of Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP, tell how to play them odds properly.

Best quote from the column:

…why is the client dissatisfied? Generally, because in a claim situation, he discovered he was underinsured. “And so many times, I hear from the broker, ‘But the guy just wanted the cheapest deal!’” Holmstrom says. “And my brain says, ‘Why did you give it to him?’”

Well, because you were the client, and that’s what you asked for. But consider this: you saved yourself, what? Fifteen dollars a month?