Next Up: Evelyn Ackah

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The best part of what I do? I get to talk to really, really cool people all the time. Like Evelyn Ackah, a Vancouver-born, Toronto-educated–in other words, so Calgarian–business immigration lawyer, whom I profiled in the January 2013 Next Up column in Alberta Venture.

The full article is here: She’s lived here just for five years, but Evelyn Ackah is already the ultimate Albertan and my favourite paragraph is this:

Is it tough being the black woman lawyer in Calgary, a minority of a minority? Albertans rarely ask, but her West Coast and Bay Street friends are often tempted. Her answer is what makes Ackah an Albertan by choice.“Yeah, I may be the only person of colour in a boardroom or at a conference. That is not a negative.

That means I am memorable. And they’ll remember me also for the passion I have for what I do.”Carpe diem.