After the flood 2: What Sunnyhill needs on Tues June 25


Written 11 p.m. last night.

Hello, beloveds. I have spent much today crying in mad gratitude and embracing friends and strangers (for which I apologize–you get used to wallowing in the mud, you see, and forget how dirty you are… do bleach your clothes if I touched them, eh?). Thank you. Sunnyhill, Sunnyside thanks you. And asks that you come back tomorrow, because–well, if you were there today, you know. We aren’t close to done.

For tomorrow, we are extremely well stocked with food–thank you for your generosity. We will try to eat more of it tomorrow.  We will need more water bottles.

We will have several units that are still at the “clear out of stuff stage.” But we have started tearing out in earnest. We need:

– crowbars and saws
– shop vacs
– dehumidfiers
– face masks and gloves
– flashlights

We’re doing pretty well for wheelbarrows with a few more coming.

Tomorrow, there will be several units into which people will be coming into for the first time since evacuation. They will need help taking things out and prepping the places for rip out.

There is a heck of a lot of debris to haul out. If you have a truck and a couple of hours, we need you. And you can now drive into Sunnyhill Lane! Thank you, Rusch Equipment!

There are probably other things we need, but I’m too exhausted to think clearly right now. If you’ve been there today and saw a need, please identify it for us. And you–all of you–thank you isn’t enough. You are amazing.

If I am more coherent after I sleep I will clarify. Thank you. And thank you again. And come back tomorrow. xoxo

My Facebook page is now completely public; you can view our photos, follow us, comment, share our calls for help and supplies etc. And thank you, thank you.

Calgarians are just better, you know? 

First time here, looking to help another community? Please also read this this: After the flood: this is what we need right now. It applies to all affected communities. In short-hand: Don’t ask what you can do. Get your ass over to an affected area, and start carrying, cleaning stuff. If you get turned away–go to the next place. Insist. Feed people. Hug people. There is so much to do. Sometimes, we’re overwhelmed and don’t know what to start. What next. There is something you can do. Look for the need, and fill it. Don’t wait to be asked. “Call me for anything” is not enough. We don’t have time to call, to think. Show up. Help.