The Power 50: Canada’s Most Powerful Business People

It’s always a little scary when I’m having lunch with one of my Deep Throats and he suddenly pulls out a magazine I haven’t seen–but I think I might have contributed to–and says, “Now, what I want to know is….” But in the case of The Power 50: Canada’s Most Powerful Business People (Canadian Business, August 15, 2013), it wasn’t that he was worried he was misquoted. Or exposed. Or anything like that. He wanted to know which ones I wrote. And which ones I didn’t. Well. Some are bylined. And some you have to guess. But the moral of the story, if you’re on the list or off it, is that you should always return my phone calls and emails. But you knew that already, right? Of course.

Who are Canada’s 50 most powerful business people?  Teaser text is at Canadian Business. For the full deal, you’ve got to track down a print copy of the magazine… Yeah, you do.