Condo Craze: Calgary’s Housing Transformation

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Best thing about this story: I used the phrase “and that product is not a one-bedroom converted rental unit that looks like the setting for a bad 1970s porn flick” … and the editors kept it.

Second best thing about this story: the art, by the talented Matthew Billington.

Hardest thing about this story: I worked on it in April… for September publication. Please don’t ask me “When you said X, what exactly did you mean?” … because I no longer know.

Most true thing I dare tell you about this story: I couldn’t find a lead to save my life. I wept. I wailed. I couldn’t get started.

But I finished. And that’s all that matters, no?

Here’s a taste:

Condo Craze: Calgary’s Housing Transformation

From the inner city to the suburbs, Calgary is poised to continue to transform itself with each rising crane and tower. And, with the number of condos in construction, 
it’s easy to see that the market has turned — just don’t call it a boom