POSTCARDS FROM CUBA: blame it on Hemingway


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I’m smoking a cigar, drinking terrible wine—I should, of course, be drinking a Cuba Libre but I’m out of rum, coke and limes, and while I can get rum 24/7, the limes pose a problem at the best of times let alone when the farmers market is closed—so I’m drinking terrible wine, listening to the cacophony of the street below me, and… not writing.

I’m not really supposed to be writing. I’m not supposed to be doing anything: my agenda is to have no agenda, but, see, I’m reading Ernest Hemingway—specifically, his 1958 interview in The Paris Review, and Papa is fucking with my mind, making me feel half impostor/half artist (all madwoman), and I start thinking—perhaps I should be trying to write, and you know when you start thinking that, you’re (I’m) lost—reading, drinking, living stops being a pleasure and you (I) just think about the thing you’re not doing and the more you think about it the less you can do it and…

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**PfC: blame it on Hemingway (post + podcast)**