Forever Young: Sex, Drugs and the War Against Aging

It started with the erectile dysfunction wars. That’s how the editor pitched the story to me. Turned out it was an intellectual property story. A really hard intellectual property involving global litigation between the makers of the little blue pill and their competitors. It became a really great intellectual property litigation story and in-depth look at the R&D side of the pharmaceutical industry with the provocative Forever Young: Sex, Drugs and the War Against Aging.


…But time has not mellowed their attitude towards age. In the 1960s they urged one another not to trust anyone over 30. As they approach their 60s, Boomers are holding on to looking and acting like 30 (or at least nowhere near 50-something). For as long, that is, as medical science and the pharmaceutical industry will enable them to do so.

And it led to the possibly best Last Word I’ve ever written: Obsessed With Sex.

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