One in two men…

As part of the research for Forever Young: Sex, Drugs, and the War Against Aging, I delved deep into how Big Pharma structured its clinical trials and how it promoted the results. By the time the patent wars over the little blue pill were in full swing, word from Big Pharma was that one in two men had, you know, issues. And so, the July 2004 Last Word, Obsessed With Sex, was born.


I’m sorry. So very sorry. Please accept my apologies in advance. I’m embarrassed and mortified, but there you go. The next time I’m talking with you—be it on the telephone, in a boardroom, or over a bottle of wine—if you’re a man over 40, I’ll have only one thing on my mind. One in two. One in two. Which one are you?

For a good two years afterwards, almost without fail, whenever I was conducting a double interview with two male lawyers, one of them would find a moment to say, “I know there’s two of us here, and I just want you to know, so you don’t have to wonder about it–it’s not me.”

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