Yup, even your “clean” business carries environmental risk

Think you don’t have to worry about environmental liabilities because you’re operating a pretty “clean” business? Think again.  Just because you’re a smaller operator with a less-obvious environmental footprint doesn’t mean you’re immune to the legal fallout of an environmental disaster, even if you think you’ve done nothing wrong. In the September 2011 Legal Eagles, Green Guilt″ (Alberta Venture), I look at  some of the obligations that just about every business owner needs to keep in mind to stay onside with the basic requirements of Alberta’s and Canada’s environmental regulations.

Featuring Ron Kruhlak, partner with McLennan Ross LLP in Edmonton, and Brad Gilmour, partner with Bennett Jones LLP in Calgary.

Shortly after our interview, Ron Kruhlak was honoured by the Alberta Emerald Foundation, which he co-founded more than 20 years ago, as it introduced the Ron Kruhlak award to the Emerald Award in the Youth category. The Emerald Awards recognize the outstanding initiative and leadership of Albertans in meeting environmental challenges.

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