In BriefBusiness writer. Writing and speaking on energy, strategy, law, and social justice. Also, on the existential angst inherent in all work, particularly in the professional-creative life. Always on edge, with edge.


Interested in: Changing the world. Or at least, your organization. Your life? Maybe, just the way you’re thinking, in this moment…


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I’m based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Happy to explore opportunities or possibilities–or just enjoy your stellar company and listen to your story–over a cup of coffee. Shall we say, Vendome, next Tuesday?



Note to corporate clients: I take on new corporate clients only by referral/personal recommendation. I do not participate in RFPs, and I do not negotiate on my rates. Thank you for respecting my time and my experience.

Note re portfolio currency: This portfolio is current as at 2015; after 2015, the bulk of my work has consisted of ghostwriting/corporate work and NDA projects, which are not included in this portfolio. I continue to index my favourite bylined pieces here, but the portfolio is no longer exhaustive.