Our Wish List For Calgary


Calgary–we’re so cool, we refer to ourselves by our airport call letters + hashtag half the time–is pretty awesome. But it could be more awesome still. The editors and writers at Avenue magazine riffed for a few weeks on how we could make it more awesome, and then asked me to pull it all together. And I did, in Our Wish List for Calgary (Avenue, May 2013).

It’s a fun piece. If you read it, make sure you notice who did the illustrations for it, because I take that as an immense compliment. Best part of the project, for me, though? As I was writing it, I had friends and passionate urbanites from, well, YYC of course, but also Germany, London, Toronto, Vancouver, New York and elsewhere on Facebook and Google chat, sending me input about municipal dreams and aspirations that really rocked–or spectacularly failed… and I got to call it all research and “work.”

Anyway. Enjoy:

Full text at AvenueOur Wish List for Calgary

–  Car-Free Zones

The Return of Trolleys or Streetcars

A Commuter Train to Canmore and Banff

A New Stadium

A Flagship Modern Art Museum

A Sustainable City