After the Flood: What Sunnyhill needs for Wednesday, June 26


First–for your own sanity–if you are coming during the day, bike, walk or transit in. With pumper trucks and emergency vehicles, parking is insane. And with all of East Sunnyside in high-demolition mode, it’s pretty intense. We will be more aggressive about keeping Sunnyhill Lane clear for *our* trucks–but if you want to come for a garbage run–do so in the evening (or ridiculously early in the morning).

There will still be some deconstruction happening tomorrow, but the main themes are cleaning and drying. It looks like we have a lot of bleach (although we won’t say no to more–if we don’t use it, there are blocks and blocks of people we can pass it on to). Most urgenty, we need:

Masks (we want you to be healthy)
Mops–sturdy ones, not the shag kind. The mud is evil.
Large solid buckets.
Mold preventor
(There are fabulous rumours we will have power tomorrow. Cross your fingers for us.)

We’re getting more organized with each day, but–if you get on-site, and there is no one willing to tell you what to do–grab a broom, grab a shovel and start fighting the outside mud. Get it away from the entry ways, so the mud returns not to the entry was.

Most of the supplies, from shovels to all sorts of varieties of gloves (but currently no masks–we really do need masks!) are at or around #2 Sunnyhill Lane.

Best way to reach me during the day on-site is to text me at 587 998 7101, or check in at #2 or #14 Sunnyhill Lane. But you don’t need me. Show up. See a need. Fill it.

See you at Sunnyhill in the morning. It’s going to be a fabulous Wednesday.