After the Flood: What Sunnyhill needs, Thursday June 27


What Sunnyhill needs for Thursday, June 27: A) anal-retentive, detail oriented people tools for scraping, prodding and wrenching stubborn bits of drywall, lino and insulation out of crevices C) fans, fans, fans, D) BLEACH (we had gallons! we ran out!) E) anti-fungal spray, F) spray bottles. We are well-stocked as far as masks, gloves and eye-protection goes. Beloved friends with better memories, tell me if I’m missing anything.

We are dreaming of 36 more dehumidifiers. $200 a pop. If you know a company that could donate–here’s your answer to “What can I do to help?”

UPDATE: TOOLS as specified by one of our volunteers who knows what they’re called: Tile scraper, skill saw, sawz all, wallboard saw, utility knife, small prybar (8″ for trim), wrecking bar (24-36″)

P.S. We really do need anal-retentive, detail-oriented people. We’re at THAT level of deconstruction. No more sledge-hammer wielding. The theme for the day is “did I really get all the crud out of that tiny little gap?” “Did I use enough bleach? Should I douse it in bleach again?” It will be so much fun.

That also means if you excel at lifting large things and smashing walls, you’re needed more elsewhere. In which case–go there. There is so much need, so much work.

And beloveds, you each and every one of you went above and beyond the call of duty today. You were amazing. So amazing that, in this utterly exhausted and spent state, I am out of words to tell you how amazing you are. But I do have some pictures for you. And such a huge amount of gratitude…